Cloud Solutions

We have expertise in the highly reputed cloud services in the market such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google apps, Microsoft Office 365. We provide end-to-end designing, planning, procurement and implementation of the cloud solution to improve availability, scalability and also cost savings. Talk to us today we can help you to determine what best fit cloud solution for your business.

Server setting up, Upgrades and migration

Our core competencies and expertise reside in Microsoft Server Technologies and multi-platform environments. Server installations and customization includes: virtualization, messaging, directory structures, and security. Depending on your requirements and future goals we assess your server infrastructure and help you to upgrade or to migrate to a new server, seamlessly without affecting your business continuity.

Network Support

Network design and configuration are critical factors because the demand of the network traffic continues to grow and network downtime is not an option in today’s highly competitive market. We offer network support to build your network and to keep your network fully operational all the time. We always take in to account scalability, availability, reliability and data security when designing a network. We always prepared to offer you with our best advice to set up WAN (ADSL, EFM, SHDSL, Cable, and IPsec VPN)/LAN (Wi-Fi, Ethernet) network with highest level of security.

IT support and manage services

IT Support and management services come with an understanding that you have a business to run and that you need your technology to work. We take all measures to keep your systems running around the clock, and proactively manage updates and maintain your technologies to keep everything functioning as smoothly as possible. All the benefits of our managed technology solutions are offered with a convenient Flat Fee Guarantee. We make sure our services become part of your business, with all the benefits of your own IT department – but at a fraction of the cost.          

Disaster recovery and Business continuity planning

Every business depends on IT one-way or the other. That’s why IT disaster recovery planning is important. Many IT disasters and problems can be prevented through proactive approach. Even if the unexpected event happened you can continue your business and minimise the disruption if you have a plan in place to face the situation. We can help you to formulate proper disaster recovery plan based on your requirements. Wouldn’t it be better to put plans in place to make sure they don’t happen.


With our phone system setups, you can communicate with your customers, suppliers & other business associates, effortlessly. We not only implement IP Telephony solutions but take all necessary steps to ensure that you get the most out by having an optimized phone system setup for your business.

Service Charter

Focused on customer satisfaction and not just technology.

Round the clock support with response time of less than 4 hours.

Resolve IT issues before they become business showstoppers.

Qualified trained Engineers not just in technology, but in delivering superior customer service.